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I am proud to welcome you to the Victoria Professional Fire Fighters Local 730 website. As members of the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF), we are honored to provide the information, resources, and support that our union members, residents of Victoria, business community and visitors deserve. As union officials, it is important to remember one thing: we are elected.

This means we have been chosen with an expectation that we will work our hardest for all those that we represent. Like all great teams, our Executive Body is made up of many different seniorities, backgrounds, skill sets, and philosophies. We use these varying characteristics to our advantage and work together in a respectful, democratic, and inclusive manner to ensure outcomes represent the membership in the best possible way. With a strong and healthy union, we are better equipped to serve the City of Victoria.

As Union President, I believe that trust is the backbone of this leadership role. Trust is not handed over, it is earned. My 21 years of experience at Victoria Fire Department has value, and that value has been built on a foundation of listening and learning. I have had the pleasure of being surrounded by countless members, past and present, that have offered mentorship through their thoughts and opinions. To earn trust, I need to share my story and my philosophy which was developed over two decades at the VFD. These words then need to convert to actions. To remain trusted, clear communication is essential, this means inclusion and transparency to our union members and the public.

As a Union, and as members of a professional Fire Department, maintaining positive and professional relationships with city stakeholders is of the utmost importance. Whether it is City of Victoria Officials, other IAFF Locals, outside agencies or the public, this Executive will continue to build strong and healthy working relationships based on communication and respect. As president, I will strive to foster and promote a positive working relationship with the City Manager, the Human Resources department, City Council and our own Fire Department Administration.

Trust, Transparency and Communication will be the cornerstones of my Presidency.

With Regards,

Jeremy Wilson

President Jeremy Wilson

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