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Since 1859, the Victoria Fire department has been focused on the safety and protection of the City of Victoria and it’s residents. Serving the community continues to be our primary focus, whether it is going above and beyond in the line of duty, or supporting our community off duty through the many charitable endeavors we commit to. Comprised of 110 members, the Firefighters and Fire Prevention Officers of IAFF Local 730 are engrained in the fabric of Victoria, and we are proud to serve this great City both on shift and in our spare time. We are Victoria.

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Be Prepared for All Emergencies with Us

Fall is a great time to reflect on ourselves and our families. With large holidays coming up centered around our families, friends, and those we love, it’s a great time to evaluate how prepared you and your family are for an emergency. Check out our recommendations for building an emergency bag for your family.

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WorkSafe Advocacy Course- Vancouver B.C.

Brothers and Sisters,I'm happy to report that brother Humber and I had the opportunity earlier this month to travel to Vancouver for a workshop put on by the BCPFFA. It was very informative and well represented from several locals throughout the province. It was a two-day workshop that spoke extensively to the benefits of liaising with the Workers Advisory Office (WAO).The workshop gave us several insights into moving forward with WorkSafe claims and introduced us to the benefits and resources that we have in the WAO.

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Our Victoria Fire Fighters Charitable Foundation supports many organizations and initiatives with the City of Victoria. Help us bring prosperity to our community partners and those in need by donating through the Canada Helps account.

100% of the funds we raise will be used locally within the City of Victoria.
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